May 07, 2012

Be Inspired - You've Got Mail

Hey Curly Chic!

I remember having a conversation with you about how folks inspire one another when it comes to hairstyles.. Well it has been years since I flat ironed my hair but when I saw your “Straight Hair Don’t Care” post I immediately wanted to straighten mine. I wasn’t interested in the bone straight look so I didn’t use a high heat setting. I did pin curls to give myself a little volume and a few days later I wore a bantu knot out. Though I won’t do this often, I have to say I enjoyed my straight(ish) hair.

Knee deep in the process

Me and Keenan

4 Days Later

Courtney’s hair is gorge!  In case you missed it, check out previous posts with Courtney here and here!  I am now inspired to try some bantu knots.

What serves as your style inspiration?

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