November 24, 2011

What To Do When….. Courtney - Guest Blogger

Your husband has the nerve and audacity to not LOVE your naps!?
Why, take pictures of the hairstyle he hates of course!
Respect the FRO!

I know! What's not to love?? I don't get it either!
So after he proclaims his disdain for my hair I gave him the opportunity to tell me what styles he'd like to see me in more....... crickets

I forgive him. He knows no better. LOL!!
Courtney and her husband are expecting a son early February!  Congrats!
Ladies, have you had a similar experience?  Does your boo have a love/hate realtionship with your coils?


Anonymous said...

I would say a love hate love for longer or shorter naturalness lol. This am I told him that if my curls do not revert after I wash this "flat iron" out, I WILL be big chopping again. His face said it all: "whaaaat? Why..... :("

Tammy said...

@Anonymous - sounds like he was getting used to the flat ironed look. :) Thanks for commenting.