November 09, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - My Night Time Routine

In the car

I am still hanging on to my braid out from two weeks ago.  #don'tjudge - I have a small child. Yaaaayyy!  When I went to bed last night I put olive oil all over my hair, especially my ends.  I then pulled it way up to the very top of my head (pineapple method is what they call it) with a scrunchy (who knew scrunchies would come in handy in 2010!), threw on my locsoc and called it a night!  No fuss no muss!  J  When I woke up this morning, I lightly sprayed it with water around the perimeter and added some shea butter and a very small amount of eco styler gel.  I do not like extra slick edges.  I then tied it up with a satin scarf until I arrived at work (15 minutes) and viola!  It’s not plastered to my head, nor is it neat and tidy.  I ran my hand across it back and forth to make it a little messier and it’s just the way I like it! 

P.S.  I will be shampooing my hair tonight.  Two weeks is way too long and I will probably have a lot of extra detangling to do! L

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