March 22, 2012

Straight Hair Don't Care

I straightened my hair initially because I was getting some family photos taken and wanted a sleeker look.  I really like it!  Sleek but not too sleek - still a little messy.  Here’s how I achieved the look – very simple.
·         Shampoo/deep conditioned (Elucence Moisture Benefits/JessiCurlDeepConditioner)
·         Apply Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave In Conditioner
·         Blow Dry – completely dry (Yellow Bird)
·         Sprayed  Heat Protectant (Garnier’s Heat Protectant Spray)
·         Flat iron (Titanium)
·         Add curls using the Curl Wand (Remington)


At night I pinned it up using metal clips, tied it up with my scarf and let it lose in the morning.  It looked even better on day 2. (sorry no day 2 photos but it was basically a looser wave)

What style do you rock when you giving your textured curls a break?

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kaydensmum said...


I'm thinking about flat ironing to get my ends clipped.. We'll see what the baby allows me to do... :-)