December 05, 2012

Something New

Focus on the hair NOT the face

If you follow me on Instagram (@curlychics), you know I recently tried a new look.  Ok, it wasn’t “new new”, but more of a variation of something old.  That would be more accurate.  I went with a rod set and I really did like the results.  It was fun and girly and virtually a carefree look.  I am very drawn to looks that appear to be easy breezy, even though the effort was anything but.  I’m not a fan of a lot of definition (for my hair) at all but more of a messy look kinda girl.  To me a rod set is a way of achieving that look so without further ado– let’s get into it. 

Why the rod set?

1.       Longevity - #1 motivation is the idea of not having to deal with my hair for a few days.

2.       Body – I love bouncing and behaving hair. *shakes hair in slow motion like the commercials*

3.       Fly shrinkage – I love a curly fro! 

4.       Bangs without cutting actual bangs – I generally wear my hair off of my face so temporary bangs are nice sometimes.  *Sidebar – as a child my mother NEVER let me leave the house without a bang EVER EVER EVER so as an adult, I had to slowly grow comfortable with my revealing my forehead.  These days I hate hair on my face or neck for the most part.


I tried this look this past summer and I thought it was cute then but now when I compare it to the current attempt, ehhh…not so much. I did things a little different in terms of both product and technique but the main difference is the haircut.  Remember back in August, I went to the salon and got my hair cut using the curly girl method?  This was a huge factor in the way my curls presented.   

How I achieved the look:


I shampooed my hair using CoilyKinkyCurly, a product being developed by my blog sister, Lola and her partner, Lise.  Click here to read all about it! I’m excited about their launch!   My hair is pictured in photos #1 and #5) and deep conditioned using Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask. 

Don’t sweat the technique:

After shampooing and condition, I sectioned my hair and braided it into 6 fat braids.  Once it completely dried, it was nice and stretched.  I proceeded to roll my hair on rod rollers using Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Butter Love and a little eco styler. 

How I maintained:

Still sticking with my formula of pineappling at night, I loosely pulled my curls up on the top of my head and coveted it with my satin scarf.  The next morning I released my curls, shook it out and proceeded with my day. 

What about you, tried anything new lately?


LaNeshe said...

Very cute! I want to try a curlformer set where I actually separate the curls instead of leaving them as is. I'm hoping for huge curly hair lol

Curly Chic said...

@LaNeshe you and me both on those curlformers!They look so difficult but I definately want to give them a try!Let me know how your experience goes!