December 06, 2012

Protective Styling, Renee, Guest Blogger

Weaves are usually high on my list of protective winter styles. My staple style for the winter is usually a sew-in or tree braids.  Anything that keeps my ends tucked and moisturized.  However, last year I experienced a lot of matting with the braids and prolonged usage of sew-ins.  However, I have found a well-kept secret and an essential winter protective style; HALF-WIG'S!!  Although naturals have varying opinions on wigs and weaves, I find they make the winter months pass quickly without damage to my natural tresses.

After a trip to my local beauty supply store I found Creta Girl for $17.99.  $17.99 was a steal compared to $200-$250 I was spending on braids & sew-ins.  The wig comes with a large comb attachment in the front and a slightly smaller one in the back to secure it.  I tend to secure it a bit more with bobby pins.  I placed my hair in two small flat twists in the front and made 4-6 cornrolls in the back.  I wrapped my hair overnight.  In the morning I attached the unit, I took out my flat twists and pinned up one side.....and VOLIA.  An instant cheap style that your hair will love!!  Not only does my hair stay protected, but detangling on wash day is a breeze because my hair was in neat cornrolls.

This is a great style if you like to frequently co-wash, treat, or moisturize your hair in the winter.  It is also great if you want to try color in the winter and do not want to dry out your natural hair.  I plan on having fun with them and trying more styles I wouldn’t normally wear with my real hair.  This will be a part of my growth journey this winter.  I love the fact I can take it off and clean, condition, and oil my scalp and hair with zero manipulation, which is a key factor in retaining length.

What protective styling option are you choosing this winter?

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Tonia said...

I definitely wear half and full wigs. I plan to do a 3 mos. Protective style routine starting in January. My current favs are Malibu Twist and 7009 by Sensationnel.Are you wearing the Creta girl in your pictures?