July 05, 2012

New Summer Hair Style

2 strand twist

I am so behind on blog posts it is ridiculous.  Sometimes the calendar flips by so quickly that I can’t keep up.  In the past I have shampooed my hair more often in the summer, however, so far this summer has been total opposite.  I am so busy that I can barely get a shampoo in.  I mean I could do a quick cleansing but it would mean skipping crucial steps of my regimen and I’m not really wanting to do that.  A few Saturdays ago, after running some errands, I decided to sacrifice time out in the sun and stay in and take care of my hair.  If not then, when?  I started with a lengthy, dry hair detangling session and a protein/emergency treatment that I do on a monthly basis.  I then cleansed and deep conditioned like normal, rinsed, applied my leave in and just looked in the mirror like “now what?”  I shared a few weeks back that sometimes I miss my shorter hair so instead of grabbing the scissors, I opted to create the illusion of a shorter look by way of perm rods.  I sectioned my hair off in about 6 sections and randomly grabbed smaller sections and began putting in two-strand twist in followed by a perm rod on the end of each. 
Here’s what I used:
Redken’s Smooth Down Butter Cream
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

The Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie has been in my arsenal for months.  It’s an easy go-to but I have yet to do a formal review on it.  Taking notes from Nikki’s (Curly Nikki) Rio trip, I made a trip to CVS and purchased a tube of the Redken ($18) and said to myself out loud in the store “this better work for $18!”  Guess what, it did.  I like it.  I used it as my deep conditioner as well as my styler.  This product does contain cones and parabens so I did step outside of my product lane a bit on this one.  I’ll do a formal review at some point but I digress.
I went on with my day and at night I took the rods out before bedtime but it was not yet dry.  Sunday morning I put on a hat and ran errands and around 3:00 I had a party to host so it was do or dry and thank goodness it was dry! 
Messy rollers
the take down
later that day

2 days later - after rain storm
As the week went on, the curls became looser and looser and I just keep smooshing it so it would stay shrunken.   I wasn’t crazy about the shape but I did like the look well enough.  It felt very feminine and carefree but it was my first time attempting this style.  Practice practice…hopefully I’ll achieve better results next time. 

What new styles have you tried so far this summer?
In case you missed it, here’s  my updated Summer Regimen.

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honeybrown1976 said...

I'm just sticking to buns, twist outs, and weekly 2 strand twists. It's just easy and effortless for me to keep these summer styles.