May 13, 2011

It’s Like Butter Baby – 5 Things I Love About Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love, Product Review

“Made only from rich, thick butters and luxurious oils, Karen's Butter Love conditions, softens and adds sheen to fragile, stressed hair. Great for thick hair.”…Karen’s Body Beautiful

Price: $18 for 200ML
I ordered this from the Karen’s Body Beautiful site prior to it being available at CurlMart.

1.    Ingredients
Awesome ingredients!  If I were to create my own product (hint, hint), I would pick almost these exact ingredients!

What’s In It?
Shea Butter - moisture
Cocoa Butter - moisture
Mango Butter – wound healing, softener, soother, moisture
Jojoba Butter – heals, humectants, softener, moisture
Aloe Butter – heals, moisture
Essential and/or Fragrance Oils, Grapefruit Seed Oil

What’s NOT In It?

2.    Scent
I ordered the lavender vanilla scent.  Independently these smells are great so how you could go wrong with this collabo?  Not likely.  It met my expectations and more when I first unscrewed the lid.  Not too strong or overpowering.  Just the right amount of femininity without smelling like flowers and perfume.  I am a sucker for scents!  This actually should have been #1 on the list.

3.    Consistency
I expected a more creamy consistency so I was surprised to see a thicker product.  It’s not thick like a deep conditioner or mask, more like a pomade type thickness.  When I dipped my index finger in and began to rub it between my index and thumb, it became more like oil.  This explains the melting warning listed on the site.  This jar will definitely need to be stored in a cool place, much like my coconut oil.

4.    Packaging
All of the KBB products come in black containers.  *I also have shampoo, conditioner, as well as the Sweet Ambrosia leave in.  I have not used all of them yet.  I really like the look, reminds me of a little black dress; elegant and classy.  It’s nothing fancy with simple black lettering.  The sophistication is in the simplicity.

5.    The way it makes my hair feel
I applied this to my detangled mane after having it braided for two days.  The instructions on the jar suggest using it on dry hair for the best results.  I have found that it’s best to follow directions because the creator knows best.  My normal routine consists of dry styling anyway so this was a non issue for me.  I was unfamiliar with its use prior to purchasing.  I purchased it simply because it was a butter that I have wanted to try for some time now.  Oh…and because of the obvious, my addiction.  Styling butters and creams are my drug of choice.  I used about a dime sized portion on each of my 6 dry braids.  It slid on like “butter”.  As I took down each braid, I couldn’t help but make that sound you make when you are getting a massage.  You know the feel good moan?  That is how great my hair felt!  It was as if it had been looking for this product its entire natural life.  I found myself wanting someone else to touch it just so I could get them to co sign my thoughts.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Curls
*Product Review Disclaimer


kaydensmum said...

Sounds good. I might have to try it out.

Curly Chic said...

It's excellent! Used on my hair today.
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