October 18, 2011

Journey to 30 {pounds that is} – The Beginning, Guest Blogger, Angela

You guys remember my blog sister, Angela, of Wise Curls?  Well, she's baaaaaackkk and sharing with us her weight loss journey - complete with challenges and accomplishments and I am so excited!  I shared with you two weeks ago her return so without further adieu....

I’ve struggled with my weight for years now and have recently decided that ‘enough is enough’. It’s time to stop complaining about it and ‘be about it’. My 7th year wedding anniversary is approaching in December, so what better time to really buckle down and get into (or at least kick start) the best shape of my life. I’m excited to document and share any progress on Curly Chics, as Tammy has been so supportive of me from the beginning. Here I’ll share before and after pics, exercise tips I’ve applied and seen actual results, as well as food related ideas to keep things from getting too boring.
So……without further delay…..*drum roll please*….The Before Picture:
Womp. Please excuse the perm rods (LOL)
Height: 5’ 4”
Starting Weight (in these pics): 181lbs
Each arrow in the pictures above represents target areas I plan to focus on throughout this journey. With only two months to accomplish this goal (intense, yet realistic), it’s important to see (in pictures or video) your starting point and have a plan of what you wish to accomplish. So, are you with me? Want to get into your best shape? Let’s do this together. Take some pictures and tape them to your bathroom mirror to remain focused on the goal.
Stay tuned for next week’s article as I discuss interval training and how I lost 7 pounds in the first week on this journey to 30 (pounds that is).


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