April 05, 2011

Meet Angela! Guest Blogger Introduction

Hola!  I tweeted yesterday about having a new guest blogger today!  I am excited to have the lovely Ms. Angela!    
I am a busy wife and mom of two beautiful girls who has declared to be on a "Get Healthy" life challenge.  I must admit, when it was first stated that the need was a guest blogger to share healthy eating tips and suggestions, I was a bit hesitant. But then I quickly saw the great opportunity that is inevitable to develop from this weekly blog: Getting my family on a healthy track and being able to share any tips that I learn along the way with others. Both of my parents suffer from high blood pressure. My father takes blood pressure medication daily and my mother is on dialysis. Given this family history, a healthy diet is the only way to break this cycle and I am up for the challenge.

Tune in every Tuesday for weekly tips and inspiration from Angela!  To keep up on the latest , you can also follow her on twitter!  Welcome Angela!  Tell a friend!

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