October 19, 2011

Peace Love and Hair Grease


I found this on You Tube and wanted to share and get your thoughts.

Just a few things to ponder after watching this clip - makes you think doesn't it?
  • Do you still use hair grease on your strands?  If so, do you use it on your scalp as well?
  • Is your hair the same as it was when you were little?
  •  Does your hair “simply grow” regardless?
  • Are mineral oils really bad for your hair?
  • Are you open to trying it on your mane?
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1 comment:

Mauve_Avenger said...

I recently started experimenting with grease on my hair. I use it to seal in the coconut oil I use on my hair after I wash it. So far I haven't noticed anything bad about it. My hair doesn't absorb it as quickly as the coconut oil or shea butter, but I haven't noticed any unusual dryness in my hair. On the other hand I haven't noticed anything particularly good about it either. I've only used it two or three times (I only use it when my hair is wet), so it may be too soon to say.