October 20, 2011

But He Likes My Straight Hair

What has become the #2 show to DVR on my list has quickly moved its way to the top of the list after watching this week’s episode.  Reed Between the Lines, we all know by now, is the new family sitcom starring my hair idol, Tracee Ellis Ross.  This week’s episode 4, “Let’s Talk Hair”, centered around what else, natural hair!  Of course I expected them to touch on hair briefly, how could you ignore the beautiful curls on these actors but I didn’t anticipate an entire episode dedicated to it. 
The teen daughter learned a lesson about natural hair, confidence and self esteem all stemming from  her extreme crush on a boy!  Casey, a beautiful young girl who rocks her naturally curly hair with pride, finds herself in a situation where her lead role in a school play requires that she wear her hair straight.  The drama teacher, al’ la “Braxton” from the Jamie Foxx Show, is quick to point out that her character needs “long and flowing hair” not “this” as he touches her curly strands with a look of disgust. 
Casey protest when her mother breaks out the flat iron to prepare her for the role, shouting rants about her spirit dying, etc.  However, when her boy crush compliments her and tells her how nice she looks, she starts to question her look.  Next thing you know, her forehead is covered in vaseline and she’s all geared up to pop open a jar of relaxer.  In the end you find out that the boy liked her for her, it had nothing to do with her hair!
What would be your response if your natural teen approached you about relaxing her coils? 


Ricci-loveherlook said...

Great post doll!xxx

Tammy said...

@Ricci-loveherlook Thank you so so much! :)