October 11, 2011

Reed Between the Lines - More Tracee

Everyone knows I am a huge Girlfriends fan, more specifically a Tracee Ellis Ross fan so this next statement should come as no surprise.  I am so excited about tonight’s premiere of Reed Between the Lines!  I have been counting down the months like most and it seems that October would never get here.  It’s finally here – it airs tonight at 10:00pm!  While I admit I wish we could see more of Joan Clayton, my friend in my head *in my Wendy Williams voice*, I can’t wait to see something new from Tracee.  Do not get me wrong, I am happy to see Malcom Jamal Warner, who plays Dr. Alex Reed, working again also.  I was a Cosby Show fan and grew up right alongside the fictional family we loved to watch every Thursday.  Hey Theo!  I thought he was corny back then but not anymore J .  The two share producing credit for the show as well. 
Anywho, yesterday Tracee tweeted the following:

I quite “naturally” hit the Retweet button!

I cannot wait to get a glimpse of Dr. Carla Reed's wardrobe.  From what I can see, we still get to see some fab style.  I freakin love this belt!

Take a few minutes and check out the clip:

*All Photos and clip BET.com

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