May 27, 2011

My Friend In My Head - Joan Clayton

May 27, 2011
My Friend in My Head – Joan Clayton
If you know me or you follow me on twitter, then you know I am a huge Girlfriends fan, specifically Tracee Ellis Ross’s character, Joan Clayton. 
She is my natural hair idol and she is definitely at the top of my fave fashion icons as well.  Her style is elegant and chic.  She was a fashion editor for New York magazine in another life which does not surprise me.  I watch the Girlfriends reruns religiously and look forward to the all day marathons.  Yes, I was heartbroken when they went off the air.  I felt the same way about Sex and The City’s Carrie.  Her style was so fashion forward!  Yes I watch those reruns too.  I always thought of that group of girls as “The White Girlfriends”.  If you are like me and my girlfriends, you selected a persona that you were most like or could identify with.  I was always Joan and Carrie!

More nostalgia!  Anyway, I was feeling very Joan-esc this week.  I wore some high wasted light gray trousers and a lilac blouse with a bow.  I am a sucker for bows!  They are my all time favorite when it comes to professional attire.  I wore my hair back in a bun with small stud earrings.  It was very spring like.  No I didn’t take a photo because I didn’t have time…sorry.  But here is something similar.  Nothing fancy but fashion doesn’t always have to be fancy to be fly right?

I love love love this TER look from head to toe!

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