May 26, 2011

Traveling #teamnatural

So I mentioned in a post back in March that I would be going on two Florida vacations this year.  One was a family trip, complete with Mickey Mouse and diapers.  It is time to take the second trip which is GIRLS ONLY.  Yet another birthday celebration for my girl!  Tomorrow as I head to the airport with my BFF, I do so with mixed feelings.  While I will definitely miss my children, I am eager to get outta here and enjoy time without any responsibilities!  On the other hand, to say that I am less than thrilled to deal with the hustle bustle of airports would be an understatement.  You take the bad with the good though and this time the good will certainly outweigh the bad.  We have quite an itinerary in place!  My other BFF will be traveling from the city of brotherly love to meet us.  So there will be four lovely natural girlfriends hanging out on the beach, drinking margaritas and who knows what else!  Last night after my mani-pedi, I started packing.  Big step for me because I typically don’t even look at a piece of luggage until the night before.  I’m proud of myself!  Tonight I will take care of all of the last minute items and determine what I’m doing with my hair.  Honestly, the hair is the least of my worries but I do take a few things into consideration when traveling:
1.   Weather
What is the weather going to be like while I'm there?  What’s the climate there? This will determine which products I take.  Some are better for humidity and frizz.
2.   Itinerary
What are my plans?  What hairstyles are appropriate for what I have planned? Will one hairstyle fit all? 
3.   Accessories
What accessories will I need?
·         Satin scrunchie
·         Bobby pins
·         Flowers, headbands
·         Hat (beach, sun protection)
That’s about it!
As I’m sure you all know, with the exception of Southwest, all of the airlines charge for each piece of baggage you check so I am trying to pack light.  One of my fave YouTubers made this video sometime in January I think, and it was more than helpful when I packed for my March trip.  I will be using this method again so I thought I’d share this time.  I am positive you will be able to make use of this the next time you travel.  S/O to Ms Vaughn.

On another note, if you plan to travel soon, here are some tips on how to get upgraded to a first class flight:

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