March 18, 2011

What Came First? The Shoe or The Hair?

Ok so I’m going to Florida a few times this year – once with family, once with the girls.  I am equally excited about both which means I’m obsessing about what I will wear and how I will wear my hair.  Earlier this week I tweeted:
 “Do you style your hair based on the clothes you will rock or do you select your clothes based on the hairstyle you will rock?  What came first?  The shoes or the hair?”
 I do both.  Sometimes I have a specific event going on that requires certain attire and as such, the clothes come first.  Then there are those times where I am feeling a certain way about my hair and it in turn inspires a certain look.  So for the fam Florida trip which includes kids, Disney World and the beach (can’t wait!!!!), I am looking for a fly mom look while staying far from the soccer mom with a minivan look.  Not saying there is anything wrong with the soccer mom look it’s simply not what I’m going for this time around.  One of my bestees lives in Florida so there will be a night out on the town with her while I’m in town as well. So I need an airplane outfit, a night out on the town outfit, several dinner outfits, Disney outfit and swimwear.  HELP!!!  I am considering doing 2 strand twists for this trip for a couple of reasons:

1.)    I’ve never had them and I figure a good time to experiment is when I’m out of town and no one knows me J 2.) it’s a protective style and I am in the middle of my grow out challenge (link here), 3.) a trip involving my children will go much smoother with low maintenance hair. 
This looks like something I would travel in

This is sort of the look I want for my hair:


This looks like something to wear to dinner one evening after the sun has gone down:

My 2nd Florida trip will be kidless and manless but not less fun!  I am anticipating a Sex In The Cityish trip full of nights out on the town, shopping, big hair and heels, chillin on the beach with umbrella drinks, you get the pic?  It’s for my girl’s 40th birthday so we plan to do it big.  One trip at a time though. 

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