March 17, 2011

Messy Messy - But I Like It

No I’m not Irish nor am I Catholic and thus had zero intention of doing a St. Patrick’s Day post; however, in my quest to find some fashion inspiration for my upcoming travel plans, I came across this bundle of cuteness and had to share!  I do love green and I think I look good in it…I think this look is so sexy and I can see myself in this outfit with my hair pulled up high on top of my head but maybe some longer earrings. 

Forever 21,,, Juicy Couture

Kinda like I have it today!  Take a look and tell me if you see

Kinda like I have it today!  Take a look and tell me if you see my vision.
How would I achieve the look?
Last night I braided my dry hair in about 9 braids using a little Bee Mine Curly Butter and coconut oil on each section of hair along with my usual shea butter on the ends, tied it up with my satin scarf and called it a night.  This morning, I unraveled each braid and placed a silk scrunchie around it.  I then quickly separated each braid in the car while driving.  Yes I am a frequent “SWD” (styling while driving) offender !  Shhhhh!!!

I didn’t separate all of them but just enough to create fullness.  It’s sort of a braid out puff if there’s such a style or a loose ponytail.  Anyway, I like it because it’s messy and pulled up off of my face!  I don’t want sleek gelled down edges, just softness. 

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