March 17, 2011

You Know You're A Product Junkie If.....7 Tell Tale Signs

1.  You stroll through the aisles of the store looking for a new product "just because".

2.  You have 6 or more of any one type of product (6 conditioners, 6 styling creams, etc.)
3.  Every time you read a Blog post about a product you think "I should try it", even though you already have your tried and true favorites.
4.  Every time you change your hairstyle, you feel the need to purchase yet another product. "well this is a "twist" cream, I need something for my braid out."
5.  You hide your new product purchases because you are ashamed and want to avoid hearing "you bought MORE stuff for your hair?!"
6.  You have to purchase more storage containers/shelves to store your products and they are organized based on product type. “this drawer is for deep conditioners, this drawer is for leave ins”
7.  You rationalize your latest purchase by bragging about the great deal you got! "Target had their Hello Hydration on sale for $4.99! The big bottle!"
If you can answer yes to these questions, you are a product junkie! I self diagnosed myself a long time ago. It takes one to know one!

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