March 16, 2011

Hair There and Everywhere Part 2

Good morning!  I thought this would be a great way to start your morning off.  Just a little inspiration from the beautiful Donna Richardson Joyner. 
Looking gorgeous at 53!  I love her color!  Isn't her hair beautiful? 

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Her suggestions for addressing hair concerns while working out, "Some African American women do not want to work out because they do not want to sweat out or mess up their hair. I realize that it cost a lot to go to the salon frequently because of working out so add moisture with a deep conditioner. If your hair becomes dry from working out use natural products versus products that have a lot of drying agents like alcohol." 
Speaking of and working out, check out this article for work out friendly hairstyles from Black Voices.

More of us in the media!  Remember this post????  Well I have a new list!  Loving it! If you have seen any commercials featuring us in all our kinky glory, please share in the comments! 
  1. Dove
  2. Pull Ups Training Pants (near and dear to my heart since I am on the quest to potty train my son!)
  3. Keller Graduate School
  4. Playtex bras
  5. KFC
  6. Kohls Department Store (differernt from the last list)
  7. McDonalds
  8. Tide
  9. Kit Kat (different from the last list)
  10. Sears Department Store

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