March 15, 2011

If You Have A Whole Lot of Natural Hair, Don't Come See Me

Man, so much craziness on TV last night but I have to say I enjoyed it all….Basketball Wives Reunion (loved Evelyn’s shoes), Beverly Hills Fabulous (loved the owner, Elgin Charles, “You’ve been Elgenized” and his top stylist, Sean “If you have a whole lot of natural hair, don’t call me!”), and Love and Hip Hop (love me some Jim Jones)!  VH1 has definitely got my attention. The comment from Sean about natural hair of course made my ears perk up!  It just made me think, as much as the natural hair community has grown, you still have those who are afraid of it or don’t want to deal with it.  Why would you turn away a dollar?  On one hand it does appear as if he has more clientele than he can handle so perhaps he can pick and choose what he wants to do.  I don’t know.  Did anyone else catch that comment?  I know some stylist will charge extra if you don’t have relaxed hair.  On another note, not feeling my hair today.  I braided it in about 6 braids without adding any additional product.  I did add coconut oil and shea butter and tucked it in my satin scarf in preparation for a huge bun today.  Mistake I made?  I took my hair down prior to taking a shower thinking the steam from the shower would add just the right amount of frizz.  WRONG!  Its overfrizzed now!  I still have a bun but its not the way I wanted it.  OH well, better luck tomorrow.
This is one lady who is not having a bad hair day!  Love love love this!


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Seriously Tam said...

That comment caught my attention also... Looks like he is paid & popular though, so I guess he can pick & choose his clients. (I wish he could have seen my side eye though) LOL!