November 16, 2010

Hair, There and Everywhere!

Is it me or has anyone else noticed how many commercials feature African American women and children with natural hair?  There seems to be a sudden influx of them or perhaps I just never noticed before!  My daughter and I have started a little game where we write down every time we see one!  So far, these are the ones we’ve found!
1.       2011 Toyota Camry
2.       2011 Ford Edge
3.       Burlington Coat Factory
4.       Kinectimals
5.       Kit Kat
6.       Active 2 Sportswear
7.       Park edu – Park University
8.       Kroger
9.       Wendy’s
10.     Kohls Department Store

What commercials have you noticed?  Check out this video I found on YouTube!


MommaByrd23 said...

Wowwww I'm a for seven months and I thought I was the only one that notices that there are naturals galore on t.v. commercials and even television shows! Thanks for posting your thoughts and that is cute how u and your daughter made it out of a game:)

Curly Chic said...

Happy New Year MommaByrd23! I will be doing several posts specifically for transitioners! I hope they will help! How is your journey going? Send me some pics!