August 26, 2011

What Came First? Get Fit Friday!

Did you start working out because you went natural or did you go natural because you work out?


You hear a lot of discussion surrounding natural hair affecting other parts of your life.  For me, having natural hair and becoming “ingredient conscious” led to a change in my skin care regimen.   For others it has lead to a more health conscious diet.  I am gradually leaning in that direction as well.  The opposite is also true.  Other areas of your life can have an effect on your decision to go natural.   For some women it may be medical conditions or a mere desire to commit to a healthier lifestyle overall.  A great example of this is women who work are physically active.  Whether it be aerobics, running or a zumba class, you are bound to sweat and let’s face it, when us brown women work out, hair is an issue for most.  Yet another reason to contemplate the natural route.  Check out this article on Black Girls Run about a woman's decision to go natural because of her running.

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