August 25, 2011

Make Up - You Tube Video of The Week - Ambrosia

If you know me or have read any of my #makeupchat posts, you know that I am majorly challenged when it comes to make up application.  I am very minimal with my look.  Most days, I do NOTHING with the exception of applying some chapstick, but on those rare occasions where I am inclined to spruce myself up a bit, I add mascara and a nude gloss and keep it moving.  Sometimes I live on the edge and wear pink tones! LOL J  Anyway, it’s not because I think I’m some “natural” beauty, it’s because I can never get it right.  When I do apply makeup, I usually end up cleaning it off immediately because I don’t like the result.  Anyway, this leads me to my favorite video of the week from the lovely Ambrosia!  I’ve mentioned her before and I love her and her videos.  Check out this quick make up tutorial from her You Tube channel .  Enjoy this beauty!


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