August 24, 2011

My Beloved Grandmother - Birthday Wishes

Gone But Not Forgotten
No one told me,
The way I would feel,
I can’t believe what happened is real
You left me with an aching heart
My world was shattered,
I was torn apart
Now the tears I shed,
Only reminds me you are no longer here
There’s a silent place
Where you used to be
You became an empty space
In history
Even though you are gone
My love for you
Will live on and on

Today is my beloved grandmother’s birthday.  She passed away in 2002 and 9 years later I still cry almost every day!  As a small child, my mother and I lived with my grandmother so she was more like a mother than a grandmother, in fact I called her “mama” just like her kids.  I doubt I will ever get over it. She would have been 82 today.  Happy Birthday Mama!

I know this is not a clear picture.  It was taken before I was born but you can still tell how beautiful she was.  Her hair was silky black, thick and had waves for days.  Although, she did end up cutting it as you can see in this photo, it was way past bra strap length and super gorgeous.  I used to shampoo and roller set her hair every Saturday.  She was my faithful client in my previous life as a stylist. 

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