December 01, 2010

Natural Skin Care - My Skin Care Regimen

Photo: Yankiki

Perhaps one of the most important natural skin care tips is to eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of H2O.  No surprises there!  We can all figure that one out.   What I found out which was a surprise to me is how using an oil cleansing method produces healthy skin.  It just didn’t make sense to me until I did my research and learned that oil dissolves oil.  So I changed my cleansing regimen and wanted to share. 

I have tried every over the counter, infomercial skin care line I could get my hands on.  Nothing has seemed to work for me, so I decided to try some more natural methods of cleansing.  This goes back to my previous post about how going the natural route with your hair can sometimes lead to change in other routines as well. 

Cleanser – Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hazelnut Oil
I massage this mixture all over my face twice per day.  I then take a hot wash cloth and place it on my face to allow the steam to loosen up all of the dirt.  Once the cloth cools, I remove and wipe the oils from my face.  I repeat this step twice.  I then rinse my face with cold water to close up the pores. 

Toner -  Witch hazel, tea tree, jojoba oil
My next step is to apply toner.  Something I never used to do until I discovered the purpose of using one.  Toner is used to close the pores, which prevents any infection or absorption of bacteria. I put the above mixture in a spray bottle and spritz my face with it.  I then take a cotton pad to remove any cleanser residue.

Moisturize – Grapeseed Oil
My final step is applying a moisturizer.  Also a step I previously skipped!  Obviously this is to simply moisturize my skin, which is especially dry during the winter.  I use Grapeseed Oil because it’s light and leaves my skin glowing.  It is an antioxidant which protects from premature aging.  I am 40 now!
My skin is noticeably more clear and healthy so I will stick to this regimen until the time comes when it no longer works for me!



Melissa said...

Hey Tammy.....
Happy New Year!!!
Loving your blog.....
I have a question, how much of each "ingredient" do you use to make your cleanser and toner?


Curly Chic said...

Hey Melissa! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!
For the cleanser I use 60% Castor Oil and 20% each of the Hazelnut and Grapeseed Oils.
For the toner I use 2oz of Witch Hazel, 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and 10 drops of Jojoba Oil!

Melissa said...

Cool. Thanks, Tammy!