June 11, 2013

Summatimehair - Protective Styling

So I've talked about my plan to get Havana twists for awhile now, giving my curls some much needed off duty time.  My impatience took a turn for the worse last week which led me to wearing two strand twists using my own hair for about 4 days and I have to say it made me even more excited about my upcoming new look.  Because of my texture and the lack of density I am unable to achieve the juicy twists I admire so I refer to them as punk a$$ twists.  Like if Havana twists had a baby, a premie, it would be my twists.  Regardless, it was super nice to not have to worry about my locs at all.  It made running my errands a breeze, it made life in general so much easier.  I was able to jump out the shower, throw on a maxi dress and keep it moving.  All that power in those punk a$$ twists!  Who knew?!  As someone who loves her curls to run wild and free it will still be a challenge for me but I think they will thank me later.  I think the time apart will do us both some good.  This week is my last hurrah with my hair out so I’m shaking it all over the place!!! Sacrificing vanity for the health of my hair is in full effect.

Plans for your #summatimehair?

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