August 03, 2012

Why I Chose Simplicity Over Vanity

Sometimes the process of doing my hair is a nightmare.  A nightmare that consist of me being chased by tight curls and kinks, followed by slowly falling off my deep conditioning regimen, down a steep hill of tangles and knots. It is at that point that I am awakened suddenly by what was once hot water but has now grown tepid at best in the shower because I’ve been in there so long.  As the stream of water rolls down my back, I try to decipher “was that a dream or was it real?” and then I realize “yep, it’s real.” “I really do have to spend 3-4 hours out of my already not long enough day doing my hair today.”

I read somewhere that women spend 4.5 minutes doing their hair every day.  Now I don’t remember the geographics on that data but I’m guessing the control group for this study did not include natural haired women. Granted my shampoo process is only once per week, sometimes less frequent, however, it can still be a nightmare nonetheless.  I usually snap out of the funk by repeating corny mantras like “no pain, no gain”, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and my favorite “anything worth having is worth working for”.  The cynic in me says “yeah yeah, whatever” but the realist in me believes every word.  And so, I shake it off and begin imagining the end result.

This week as I approached the finish line, I was trying to determine what my look for the week would be.I ran through my mental checklist which included the weather forecast for the next few days, any special plans, kids’ activities, etc.  All of these things I consider before I can move forward.  It may sound crazy to most but for me, it’s a production and with my limited schedule, I have to plan every aspect of the production in order to have a successful hair week.  The next several days promised to be hot as h– e– double hockey sticks (like the last 6-8 weeks have been) with thunderstorms.  I had no special plans where glam was in order but I did have plenty of errands to run.Based on all of these factors, I made an executive decision that vanity would take a back seat this week.  In other words, a simplistic hairstyle designed to eliminate handling and cuteness at the same time.  After my detangling routine, I generously applied my leave in and my DIY mix and just started twisting.  No rhyme, no reason, just twisted.  I think there are roughly 15 twists in my hair that I grabbed and pinned up with bobby pins.#thatisall.  There was no separating or unraveling, no fluffing or coifing, just me and my bobby pins.  It’s not the flyest look and has zero sex appeal (IMO) but it will suffice.  I will admit, I have been overcompensating for my lack of a cute hairdo with statement jewelry and pops of color but not having to style my mane every day, for at least 4.5 minutes, has been worth it.

Do you ever sacrifice vanity for simplicity?

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Corea E. Williams said...

Girl I do the same as well. If I don't then it would be a nappedup, twa looking(for shoulder length hair) Hot Mess! So I try to put my hair on a schedule as well and try to do something different and look at UTube for inspiration.. I really would like to see what hairstyle that is in the pic u have above? Those twists are pretty!

Curly Chic said...

YouTube is awesome but I am not good at recreating.Most of my styles have no rhyme or reason!:)I'll have to find the pics to show the complete style and do another post. Thank you for commenting!