May 31, 2013

Contemplating Havana Twists for Summer?

It’s that time of year when conversation about what to do with our hair for the summer is in full swing.  Cut if off, go into full protected mode?  For many, summer represents vacation, day parties and easy living.  We aim to have fun and look good while doing it and low maintenance is a fabulous way of doing just that.  Although Brandy has pretty much moved on from the signature braids we once knew and loved, she does revisit the look every now and then, giving us a dose of Moesha.  As far as I’m concerned, she still gets the MVP award for hottest braids.  Recently on Instagram she debuted a hot twisted look that was simply adorable and it made me want to get my own version.  Um yes I’ll take a headful of sexy two strand twists with a side of baby hair please.  I’ve said repeatedly that I am not versatile when it comes to hairstyles.  You will catch me in either a bun or a twist out, both of which I love but that’s about all I got on the style front.  It’s not that I’m not up for new things, I like to live on the edge like the next girl.  I’ve always wanted to try chunky twists with a Lauryn Hill flair but haven’t fully committed to the idea.  I have to admit I do struggle with style choices as it relates to my daytime gig.  However, having had my first feel of these sticky, muggy temperatures I am ready to surrender.  Enter Havana twists!  Here are some things I’ve considered while making the decision to try them out:

Will they compliment me?  I’m the same girl who after spending X amount of dollars and X amount of hours of sitting in someone’s front room getting micros installed during my transitioning period, removed each and every braid 2 weeks later.  Yep –sure did.  I just didn’t think they suited me.  I also don’t want to look like a human bobble head.  I have a really small head and I want to make sure the hair doesn’t overwhelm my face.

Workplace friendly?  While it shouldn’t matter, it does – to an extent.  I do work in a corporate environment so I always keep my look in mind.  Much like I do my tattoos, wardrobe and any other aesthetic that may be judged in the work place.  While I am still myself, I am human and these things sometimes dictate my choices.  I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

Is it time for a hair break?  Yes, for me, it’s long overdue.  I want to simplify my routine for the summer. Having my curls tucked away in a diverse, classic manner is the perfect way to do that.  I’ve never entertained a long term protected style (longer than 2 weeks) so I’m excited to do this.  So there you have it!  I’ve read up on how to take care of them and my natural hair while wearing them so I’m ready.  I ordered my hair and I am anxiously waiting on the special delivery! 

Have you tried Havana twists?  Any tips you can offer?  Ready, set, weigh in!

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MsSweety said...

Hi there, I used the Havana twist out hair from a company called Afrogenix. Which is completely different from marley hair. I love the look and ease of the Havana twist style but this hair requires a lot of work and care. At $12 a pack, they recommend using three packs. The hair is crunchy and somewhat harder then I expected. I love big hair and at even 1 and a half packs it Is alooootttt. I've had to dip it in extremely hot water and conditioner about 3-4 times before it BEGAN to loosen up. Then I spritz it every day to keep it shiny and neat. For flexibility I had it done in the interlock style with my hair braided in the middle and hair left out along the edges. I've received compliments from everyone of every color, age and creed. Teehee. Is the hair from afrogenix the one you purchased online?