May 24, 2013

The Afro Pick – Creating Volume in Natural Hair

I am always in the search of something to add volume to my curly locs.  I live for big hair and yes, size does matter.  I can’t think of enough cliché comments to convey how I feel about it.  “bigger is better”, “go big or go home”?  For me, it’s not so much about length as it is volume nor is it about pure aesthetics because we’ve all seen some super dope twas, I used to rock one myself.  I have very fine, low density hair so it takes some effort to get the big, disrespectful, intimidating coif I crave. 

I just purchased myself an afro pick and let me tell you I was super pumped to use it!  No, it’s not the blaxploitation, fisted handled tool with the heavy ass metal teeth we think of reminiscent of the 70s but it’s an afro pick just the same.  I had been rocking my usual twist out when the pick showed up on my porch (I do the majority of my shopping online).  I greeted it with such excitement.  Am I the only one who gets excited about all things hair?  *Kanye shrug* My twist out was still in its infant stages at 2 days old so this was right on time to interject some life into it.  I gently poked and prodded my curly roots with no rhyme or reason, just random lifts here and there.  Once I got to coifing and beautifying, there was no stopping me and the camera phone.  I admit I didn’t go far enough because it wasn’t as big as I like it but I plan on continuing my afro pick lessons. 

Remember all of this is done in a gentle manner.  Pulling and tugging on your natural hair is not recommended. Disclaimer J

Honorable mention to a few other volume producing methods go to:

·         Shampooing with a volumizing conditioner

·         Stretching (low heat setting blow dryer)

·         Wash and go using a diffuser


Have you ever been excited about a new tool?  How do you achieve volume?

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zainab2144 said...

Yes! I'm with you I also use a pick to make my hair big. I love big hair.

I have a question do you find certain picks work better than others in making big hair , if so which ones?


Stacye said...

Can you tell us more about this hair color you have?? Its beautiful! Like what brand of color you used, the shades etc.?

Curly Chic said...

@zainab2144 I would love to see your big hair!Hit me up on tag me on instagram @curlychic!As far as picks go, this is my first go around with them but I would think it depends on texture.Sounds like a good experiment tho! :)

Curly Chic said...

@Stacye I am actually working on a post now about my color.I just did it 2 weeks ago and I'm digging it. Stay tuned!:)