June 06, 2012

Kim Coles Talks Natural Hair on Wendy Williams

The hilarious Kim Coles, AKA Sinclaire, AKA Woo Woo Woo took to the couch with Wendy Williams yesterday.  I always enjoy her interviews and she stays working!  Every time you look up she’s got a new gig!  #hatsoff.  Of course the conversation turned to hair as Wendy complimented Kim’s natural hair but then followed up with the do you miss your wigs question.  To that Kim quickly responded “I’m enjoying looking in the mirror and seeing my hair the way God made it”…Although Kim was wearing a natural textured wig on the show she is natural underneath as well.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Coles last summer and she was very gracious and friendly.  In case you missed it, click here! 

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