June 07, 2012

Matchy Matchy – Hair and Eyebrows

Kim Kimble - LA Hair
The new show LA Hair debuted last Thursday after the Mary Mary finale which I really enjoyed.  I must say that I give the show two thumbs up.  It has all the makings of a great tv, people making money, comedy, star power, drama to boot and of course, the hair!  The owner, celebrity stylist Kim Kimble is apparently the who’s who in LA, where starting price for services is $400 #woahdere!  On the premiere episode one of the stylist, Dontay Savoy, who also works for Access Hollywood, did a dye job on a natural client, LaToya and insisted on dying her eyebrows as well.  “You cannot walk around with black eyebrows and blonde hair unless you’re Lady Gaga or Madonna or some ol’ tacky girl walking down the street in the ghetto” he told her. 

It got me to thinking, all the years I’ve worn my hair blonde, bleach blonde, honey blonde, 50 shades of blonde (*yes I’m reading 50 Shades of Grey right now – *swoons*), I’ve never once dyed my brows.  Am I not keeping up with the latest trends?  Am I that tacky girl?  I thought that went out with the shoes must match your bag rule?  I came across this article on Glo on this very topic and this is what they had to say about it:
Hair and eyebrow colors do not—we repeat, DO NOT—have to match precisely. Brows that are slightly lighter or darker your hair color actually look more natural and modern. The key is to keep the shades in the same tone, either warm or cool. If you're a deep, dark, chocolate brunette, for example, then slightly lighter brown brows help soften your color's severity. "A platinum blonde with tawny brows looks balanced, fresh and pretty,"
So I asked around to a few ladies I know who color their hair and it was a 50/50 response.  Some said it was an absolute mess NOT to and others said they didn’t think it was necessary. 
What do you chicas think?  Do you match your hair to your eyebrows?


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