April 17, 2012

Braylon’s Updated Regimen

My son’s hair is growing like crazy and just as I did with my hair once it reached a certain length, I’ve had to revise his regimen a tad.  Click here  and here for previous posts about his regimen.
Current Regimen:
The shampoo
·    Prior to shampooing, apply olive oil to soften and separate in 4 sections.
·    Shampoo/Condition with Johnson’s Natural 3-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/BodyWash.
·    Rinse thoroughly
·    Continue with his bath and adjourn to the sitting room with cartoons and a healthy snack
·    Apply Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In/Detangler and styling cream of choice.  (sometimes I skip the styling cream and simply use coconut oil)
·    Separate hair in 10 sections (5 on each side) and braid while wet.  This helps with control and stretching.  Stretching on his hair is not for length, but more so for ease of styling the next day.

·    By this time, we are both ready for bed! 
·    Take down braids and blow out each section on the cool setting.  Again, this is for ease of styling and sometimes I omit this step, depending on how damp his hair is. It is much easier to part for the braiding process when it is stretched.  Whatever I can do to make the process shorter and smoother for both of us (he’s only 3), I do it.

·    Proceed with adding cornrows. (approximately 10 braids)

In the meantime and in between time
I typically leave in the braids for about 2 weeks before taking them down.  In between styling sessions, I usually spray his hair with water and olive oil and sometimes a little tea tree oil for his scalp.
The take down
Once I take the braids down, I let his hair and scalp breathe for about 3 days by allowing him to wear it out.  Then we start the process all over again.

Do you have a regimen for your little one?  Please share below! 

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