April 18, 2012

Is Your Real Hair Nappy?

Yesterday I was watching The Wendy Williams show, as I do every day and Wendy asked guest, Kathy Griffin if her real hair was “nappy”?  For whatever reason, I am usually taken aback when certain terms or phrases are used when talking to “company”.  When I say “company” I mean visitors or someone outside the circle, so to speak.  We, in the black community tend to have our own language and mannerisms that we use amongst eachother.  For example, the way we point to the outside of our hand to refer to “black people” or the universal head nod recognized across the country as a simple greeting, etc.  However, I’ve learned that with Wendy, anything is subject to come out of her mouth.  While I am a fan of hers and have been since her radio days with now Power105.1 radio personality, Charlamagne, I am not always a fan of everything she does or says.  Which stands to reason, I mean no one agrees with anyone all of the time.  Sometimes the very reason I am a fan of hers is what makes me give her the side eye.  I love that she is outspoken, and speaks her opinion, no matter how unpopular.  After watching this episode, I didn't know how to feel about it.  Is it a big deal or not?  I am curious as to what others thought after this interview if you seen it.  
Oh and Kathy's response was something to the effect of "yes, I have finger in light socket hair".
Are certain phrases or word choices reserved for the inner circle?

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