April 19, 2012

Hair Dreams


Have you ever been so afraid of your dreams you didn’t want to sleep?  I’m not talking Freddie Crougar, the ultimate “dream killer” in every sense, but more like waking up in a sweat and can’t decipher if it really happened or not.  Most don’t put much stock in dreams or what, or if anything, they mean, in fact, many cannot articulate what they dreamed about when asked to recollect.  Then there are those who keep a pen and pad on the nightstand next to their bad so they can quickly record the happenings if they awaken in the middle of the night.  If they dream of a number, they play it in the lotto, if they dream of fish, someone in their life is pregnant (#smh at that nonsense).  I could go on and on about the many fables I’ve heard when it comes to dreams.  I often dream about my hair, I know it sounds crazy or a tad bit obsessive but I do.  Perhaps it is heavily associated with this blog as often times I fall asleep writing or have ideas floating around in my head as I drift off.  I have various dreams of cutting my hair off and starting fresh, dying it platinum blonde again, or sometimes it’s as simple as the next hairstyle I will rock.  Then there are those dreams of my attempts to get my hair like my favorite hair idols, such as Tracee, the old Kelis or Corrine.  No matter how much I try to emulate the hair in the dream, it will come out looking more like the cowardly lion in The Wiz, not even close to what I envisioned. 

Do you have hair dreams? Do you act on them?  Share below!

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