September 28, 2011

Don't Forget The Locs 3

There are ladies who want to start locs but are unclear as to how to go about it.  What are the steps you took prior to locking? 
Prior to locking I had been natural for about 7 years, so I did not have any “dead” hair that needed to be trimmed off.  When deciding to loc your hair, I recommend locating a stylist who specializes in natural hair, preferably locs.  This way you will have someone who understands each stage and who can prepare you for the different stages of locking.
What are some things you wish you would’ve known prior to locking?  For example: How does one plan on maintaining, how expensive is it, how much time do you need to devote?
To be honest, there was not anything that I wish I had known prior to locking.  Well, if I had to say one thing, I can say that I wish I had know just how rapid my hair would grow, that way I would have known to loc it sooner.  J
April 2010

Do you have any regrets about locking?  I’ve heard stories of women missing having their hair loose.
I do not have any regrets because one thing about hair is that it can always be cut. However, I wish I had done more research on products to use to enhance my curls (before locking).  I sometimes see the curly hair and wish that I could do the same.  I have even had thoughts of cutting my locs just so that I can see how my natural curls flourish.  However now is not the time to cut, but some day I will.
In comparison to the pre-locked Angie, what do you think about the overall health of your hair now? 
Prior to locking, my hair was not healthy at all (even though it was natural).  For some odd reason, it would reach a certain point and just break off.  I could not and still do not understand it.  Since locking two years ago I have watched my hair take on an uncontrollable growth spurt (and it does not break off).  I love it!!!
For me, natural hair has been somewhat of a new self discovery with respect to my confidence in my physical appearance.  I definitely feel sexier, I definitely step outside the box more in terms of fashion.   How about you?  Do you feel sexier with locs?
OMG!!!  Do I feel sexier!  I do indeed.  I have always felt that “sexy” is a state of mind and I feel like I have always been in that mindset.  However having locs takes my sexy to a whole (nother) level.  There is something about the color of my locs that enhances the color of my skin.  This encourages my sexy to just be.  I don’t know, maybe it is the confidence that comes with rocking the locs that increases my sexy because of the locs.

Has your regimen changed since our last interview?  Have you introduced any new products into your hair care?
I have not tried anything new as of yet, but have a few things in mind.  I will share them during the next interview.

May 2011

Do you plan on changing your regimen with the colder months approaching? If so, how so?
I just plan to keep my locs moisturized since the colder weather is a little more harsh on my color.  Other than that, I don’t plan to make any drastic changes.
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