March 02, 2011

Don't Forget The Locs 2


As promised, a quick chat with Angie:

Me:  You had been natural for years before making the decision to lock – what made you go that route?

Angie:  I was tired of my hair not growing.  I had always had short hair as a child and though I did not begin with chemicals until around age 11, my hair just did not want to grow.  So, I began wearing my hair natural and having it flat ironed from time to time.  It was pretty but only lasted for a little while until it began breaking off again.  I would have a stylist by the name of Karen Gary do my hair and it just seemed to me that she did not enjoy doing my hair.  I even made mention to her about feeling like she did not like doing my hair, she just told me, that it wasn’t that she didn’t like doing it, it was that she felt I should let my hair do what it was supposed to do.  In her mind that was to loc it up.  It took me over a year after she mentioned it before I decided to do it.

Me:  Some say the commitment of the locking is what deters them, did this concern you

Angie:   Initially, I did not want to loc because I thought I was “too young” to loc my hair.  Not realizing that people my age rocked the locs all of the time.  I did not wish to commit to something that appeared to be so permanent and visible.  I thought that I would not be able to do anything with my hair. You know, like the cute styles that people with straight hair wear.  Not only can I do the straight look, I can wear it curly as well. 

Me:  Do you have a length goal?

Angie:   Because my hair was never long, I had always wanted to wear a pony tail puff on the top of my head.  I am happy to say that I have reach my goal.  Yay!

February 2011

Me:  I know you have color, how do you feel about color and natural hair?

Angie:   I literally love it!  Before I went natural I could never wear color in my hair because I knew that it would break off.  Now, I have it bleached and then taken back down with a honey blonde type color.  I love it, love it, love it.  I really love when it begins to grow out because I then have 3 colors in my hair.  My tips are a lighter blonde, the middle is a honey blonde and then the roots are black.  Most would think that this looks crazy, but it looks HOT!

Me:  What products do you use?

Angie:    At home, I spray it with an olive oil and water mixture.  I use Shea Moisture’s Restorative Conditioner when I want to condition my locs. When it grows out and I want to have the crisp look around my perimeter, I melt some all natural shea butter to twist it and when I want the curly look and I use Eco Styler Gel and roll them on sponge rollers.

Me:  How often do you visit your stylist?

Angie:    I visit my stylist once every 5 weeks.

Me:  Speaking of your stylist, would you like to share her info for ladies in the Columbus, Ohio area?  Also, what products does she use/recommend?

Angie:  Dani @ Queen Bee’s and she uses Design Essential products.

Me:  Do you do anything to your locs in between visits?

Angie:   I do, I sometimes wear them in a ponytail, I roll them on sponge rollers and I also do flat twists in them.
Thanks Ang!

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