November 05, 2010

NaturalViews with Angie

Meet Angie

When did your natural journey begin?
7 years ago.  My hair was never long so it did not take a lot of cutting and waiting when my process began

What/Who inspired you to go the natural route?
Who: No one person in particular inspired me to go natural but Karen Gary, a hair stylist in Columbus, Ohio encouraged me to loc my hair.
What: I realized that I spent too much time in the hair dresser to not have healthy hair

How do you rock your natural?  (curly, straight, locked )
I rock the locs!

What is your current routine?
I have them washed and retouched once a month.  I use Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk to keep it moist and I was recently introduced to Shea Butter.

What is the one thing you love about your hair?
The progress!  My hair is longer and more healthy than it is ever been and I believe that I owe it to the loc process.

Curly Chic

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