November 04, 2010

NaturalViews with Celeste

Meet Celeste

When did your natural journey begin?
 My journey began April 2010!! I decided not to “Big Chop” and let my relaxer completely grow itself out; therefore my journey hopefully will be complete April 2011.

What/Who inspired you to go the natural route?
It was a process.  I’ve had a relaxer since the age of 14 and along with colors, weaves and everything else under the sun.  I decided that my true hair was hiding underneath all the layers and it was time to let it go, with convincing from my stylist I decided to let the relaxer go!!. I also have numerous friends whom have been natural for years and I absolutely love their hair styles and that they are created naturally.

How are you wearing you hair during the transition?

I actually wear it in a bun which doesn’t require much maintenance nor heat.   I haven’t dabbled in too many different styles yet such as twist, Bantu knots...etc my main goal is to strengthen my hair and I feel the less I do will help.    

What is the most challenging thing about the transition and how do you handle it?
In the beginning it was the styling.  Nothing looked right, then came the shedding.   I would look in the sink and the brush and see lots of hair.  I was convinced my hair was falling out but later it was explained that I didn’t want that hair anyway and that was the relaxer removing itself which needed to happen for my hair to regain its healthiness.

What is the one thing you love about your hair? I love the fullness and it doesn’t look as thin as it did when I had the relaxer.  It just looks healthier already in such a short period of time!

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