November 05, 2010

Welcome to the Curly Side - Transitioning


Since the Big Chop (BC) is not for everyone, I wanted to share how I transitioned to the “curly side”.  I am not the “Relaxer Police” and I am certainly not trying to persuade anyone to come over to the curly side.  I just know what worked for me.   Here is how I got through my transition. 
Condition Condition Condition!!!
After shampooing your hair, be sure to treat your hair kindly by doing a weekly or biweekly deep conditioning.  Most deep conditioners will instruct you to add some form of heat (plastic cap, heated towel) and leave it on for at least 30 minutes prior to rinsing.  I deep condition while I do my household chores (multi tasking!) so that I am able to fit it in my schedule. 
It is also helpful to find a leave in conditioner that both you and your coils like.  I recommened using a conditioner that provides a lot of slip, provides plenty of moisture and also doubles as a detangler. 

Find a stylist who isn’t afraid to manage natural hair
Your stylist can provide you with a professional deep conditioning treatment, as well as provide you with tips on styling and products to use while you are transitioning.  I began my transition by wearing micro braids for the first 8 months and then tried multiple styles throughout the remainder of the process. 

Exercise Patience
Keep in mind that it is a journey, which means you will have to go through a few things to reach your goal.  This is the time to network with others who are either on their own journey or those who have been through the process.  Exchanging ideas and sharing experiences will provide you with much needed inspiration.

“Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another”

Did you transition?  What tips can you offer?

Curly Chic

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