September 27, 2011

Pi Nappa Kappa - Another Point of View

The last few weeks there has been much discussion surrounding the formation of a natural hair sorority, PiNappaKappa.  I wanted to weigh in by talking to a natural haired Greek!  My bestee, is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc…check out what she had to say. Better late than never. 
As a member of a BGLO, are you offended or do you take issue with the formation of a natural hair sorority or do you view it as a form of flattery?
No! I am not offended or take issue with the formation of a natural hair sorority.  I also don’t see it as a form of flattery per se, because I don’t think it was formed as a “sorority” to pay homage to Black Greek Organizations.  I feel that the concept of “sorority and fraternities” are so well known in the black community that when one forms a interest group, who most likely is not part of a Greek organization, they automatically call it a “sorority or fraternity”.  I also feel that if they use the term "sorority or fraternity", they feel like they have to use Greek letters in the name of their organization.
You are also natural and have been for quite some time, would you consider becoming a member of a natural hair organization, with our without the “Greek” implication?
Sure! I think it’s a pleasure to be a part of a community of individuals that share the same interest as I do.  It’s a great way to share stories, testimonies and general information about natural hair.  I don’t think it’s necessary to give it a “Greek” implication, given the history of inception and purpose of the Greek organizations.  To call it a “sorority” is fine; however, I think the misconception is in using Greek Letters.  It is a purpose of Greek organizations using Greek Letters and I think that most people that form “sororities and fraternities” outside of the traditional college experience, lose and dilute the meaning and purpose of the “Greek" organizations/letters when the incorporate it in their name, especially when they are not a "Greek" organization. 
Do you think groups such as this are creating more divide amongst black women?  (natural vs relaxed)
Absolutely Not!  I feel that it is a personal choice.  If you want to be part of either (natural or relaxed) then make the choice to be a part of whichever one suits your life better and join a “blog”, “group”, “sorority” that supports your decision.
Does labeling the group a “sorority” place a larger social responsibility on the members?
No.  It’s just an “interest” group.  I feel the only responsibility would be that members share their ideas and knowledge about the natural experience with others.
Are people overreacting?  Is this merely a positive group geared towards fellowship and support?
Yes, who cares what term they choose to label the group?   The term “sorority“ was adopted by Greek-letter college organizations.  It is defined as a group of women or girls joined together by common interest for fellowship.  If that defines a “sorority” then by all means use the term.

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