November 27, 2010

NaturalView with Johncie

Meet Johncie

When did your natural journey begin?
My natural journey began in August 2002.  I started with micro-braids then I kept my ends trimmed until all the perm was grown out.  It was a process, but I grew to love my healthy hair.

What/Who inspired you to go the natural route?
My hairstylist of 22 years, Karen Gary, inspired me to grow out my relaxer.  Tammy and I began at the same time (probably an appointment apart), so it made it bearable to make the journey with someone with the same issues and goals. However, Tammy inspired me to begin to use all natural products.  It wasn’t the first time someone tried to inspire me to use natural products, however, to see the results of Tammy’s use was astonishing and I became a believer and a follower of “Curly Chic”.

How do you rock your natural?  (curly, straight, locked )
I rock it straight (compliments of Synergi Salon), curly, ponytail, whatever!  That’s the joy of rockin’ a natural; you can do anything! It’s so versatile. 

What is your current routine?
My current routine is simple.  I wash and condition my hair with organic shampoo from Whole Foods.  I put on a leave-in conditioner (Knot Today).  I style my hair with kinky Kurly and/or Goddess Curls by Curls (curl gel) and I maintain by using a concoction of oils and water or whipped pudding (by Oyin) or Curl Enhancing Smoothie (Shea Moisture).   I have tons of products that I want to try.  I am really just following Tammy’s regimen because she helps me to sort out most of the information.

What is the one thing you love about your hair?
Versatility and healthy

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