November 26, 2010

Miss Jessie's Products - BOGO Sale

I have heard so many positive comments about Miss Jessie’s products!  For every positive comment, I’ve heard just as many negative.  I have been very reluctant to give it a try – mostly because of the cost I must admit.  I am not mad at the owners for pricing their product as they see fit, I’m simply stating I am not so willing to pay the asking price.  On top of that, there was the shipping cost.  Then they found a new home at one of my favorite stores, Target, so I was so excited.  When they first arrived, I went over all ready to purchase but once I held it in my hand, I simply could not justify the price and put it back on the shelf.  Well, this morning, I get an email from with some good news!  Buy One Get One Free on Miss Jessie’s products!  Now that, I’m willing to do!  I am now FORCED to try it out.  I am not sure which two products I want to try first – I’m thinking the Curly Meringue and the Curly Buttercreme.  I hope it lives up to the hype! 

Has anyone had a Miss Jessie’s experience? Please share your results!

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