November 24, 2010

70s In All It's Glory

Photo:  W Magazine

I love love love the 70s!  Not only because I was born in 1970(shhhh), but I think this decade was nortorious for fashion, hair and music!  There was an extreme sense of pride about being black with the Black Panthers movement and the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement.  James Brown said it best with his “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” tribute.  Now there seems to be a new wave of natural hair pride sprouting up all over the place and I think it is awesome!  While I’ve been natural for several years, it is only recently that I have noticed so many people starting their journey into
naturalism.  It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see and be a part of. 
One of my bestest friends is having a 70s themed 40th birthday party in a few weeks and I am so excited!  I can’t wait to throw on my bell bottoms and platforms and get my 70s lingo going!  “Jive Turkey”, “Can you dig it?” and “Dynomite”!  I’m even more excited to make my hair really really big and sport my natural like I never have before!  Pics and many stories to follow people!
Peace, Love and Nappiness!

What's your favorite era for hair and fashion?

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