August 31, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You Dig Wonder Curl - BTL Whipped Product Review

Scarlett and I met at the Natural Maven Cocktain Party in Jersey
I have both hands raised as I check out my hair in the mirror after using Wonder Curl!  It has taken me a minute to write up this review but I wanted to use the products a few different ways before I documented my experience.  I met the lovely Scarlett, founder of Wonder Curl, while in New Jersey a few months back.  She has such a pleasant demeanor and was super friendly.  This savvy business woman has come up with a great product line and is expanding faster than I can write this review!  She was gracious enough to send me 2 products so this will be a 2 parter!  Up first – the Butter Than Love Hair Whipped.

Product Claims: Butter than Love Hair Pudding is an ultra-moisturizing hair cream. Will hydrate your natural hair without weighing down your curls. BTL Whipped is a dream for parched curls. This thick and rich cream is loaded with oils and butters resulting in hair that is full of life and bounce.

Scent – When I first opened the jar, the smell was a tad strong for me but still pleasant.  It has a perfumey/flowery scent which is not a bad thing but since I have pretty severe allergies my nose can be a little sensitive.  I personally prefer a milder scent when it comes to my hair and skin.  The great thing is you can request a scent free version which I think is a plus.  Not many product lines offer the two options.

Consistency - It has a creamy consistency, not too thick, not too watery.  It’s just right!  I sound like Goldilocks!  It looks like some type of whipped icing.  When you rub the product between your fingers, it dissolveds into a more oil like form.  You definitely do not need much which I learned after my first application.  The creamy consistency makes for easy application.   I initially used it on freshly shampooed wash and go hair.  The picture below is after several days of being out in the elements and leaving it to stray about at night with nothing but a satin bonnet (HUGE MISTAKE) so it does look a little parched but it did not look like this initially.  I apologize for not having fresh photos. 

I took a tip from my girl Elle and applied the cream section by section and that seemed to work out well.  I didn’t have as many tangles and it didn’t frizz as much.  It was extremely hot and humid when I used the product and my curls held up nicely.  My mane was very moisturized and non greasy.  There was no product residue either.  I was pleasantly surprised.  In addition, I raked a quarter size portion of the Get Set Hair Jelly through my hair.  I typically only use gels for edges so I didn’t use much. 

Wash and Go - Day 2 very windblown hair
Presentation – We all know first impressions are important.  Product presentation is no different.  When I look at packaging, the first things I notice are the shape of the container and the logo.  If this product was on a shelf in a store, it would definitely catch my eye.  It comes in a clear square jar but it has a round lid.  The pink, black and white logo is ultra femme and very appealing to the eye.  Research shows that consumers like to buy agreeably designed and decorative products so clearly she did her homework. 

Directions for use: 
Section clean damp hair, apply liberally to sections.  Dry naturally or with a hair dryer.  I chose to let my hair air dry.
What’s In This Cute Jar? Let’s talk about ingredients for a moment. 
We are all familiar with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Castor Oil and Shea Butter but there a few other ingredients:
  • Caprylic/Capric/Stearic Glycerides – (Skin-Conditioning Agent )
  • Cetyl Alcohol / Cetearyl Alcohol – (Vegetable source fatty alcohol derived from natural
    oils and fats (cetyl and stearyl alcohol) used to thicken and stabilize)
  • Glyceryl Stearate - Glyceryl Stearate (acts as a lubricant which provides soft and smooth appearance)
  • Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (organic)
  • Acrylates/C-10 Alkyl Acrylates
  • Phenoxyethanol – fragrance ingredient, preservative
  • Ethylhexylglycerin  - a conditioning agent and preservative.  If natural ingredients are import to you, this is not a true natural ingredient; however, it is derived from vegetable oil. 
Price: $12 for 4 oz (Shipping is free for orders of $35 or more)
Other ways I used the product
After a few days of the wash and go, I lightly dampened my hair with my spray bottle of oil and water mixed and braided my hair in 6 sections.  It still produced soft, moisturized hair. Here are the results:

Would I recommend?  YES
Would I purchase?  YES
How can you get yours? Click here!  

Rating:  4 out of 5 curls

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