August 31, 2011

Get Set Hair Jelly - Wonder Curl Product Review - Part 2

I shampooed my hair and wore and wash and go, mostly out of pure laziness but also because I wanted to see how my hair would hold up.  I had sworn off the “minimal effort” wash and go a month ago because of the ridiculous amount of tangling and knots I was experiencing.  When Elle, who is the queen of wash and gos, suggested a try a different application method I had to reconsider.  What better time to do so than when trying out a new product.
I used the Get Set Hair Jelly in conjunction with the Butter Than Love Whipped cream.  See my full review of the Whipped cream by clicking here.  For the most part, I only use gels to aid in slick bunning or any style where I wear my hair off my face.  This time I raked a palm size amount of the gel and several drops of jojoba oil through my hair and used a generous amount around my hair line.  It is a very light gel in comparison to the eco styler gel I normally use.  It did not leave any white flakes nor did it make my hair feel crunchy, which of course a huge plus.  It provided just enough hold to cure the fly aways.
Product Claims:  Get Set Hair Jelly smooths, soothes and controls frizz without stiffness. Used with organic aloe vera which for many is a miraculous plant. In hair it is used to promote growth and revitalize hair. This jelly is also loaded with pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) to strengthen your hair. Get Set Hair Jelly keeps your coils looking fresh and fabulous all day.
Get Set Hair Jelly isn’t your typical hair gel. This Jelly defines your curls and protects your hair from humidity. For best results, use with Get Slick Hair Smoothie.

Scent - this is a very mild scent and it smells so clean and fresh.

Directions for use: 
Section clean damp hair, apply liberally to sections.  Dry naturally or with a hair dryer.  I chose to let my hair air dry.
Curious about the ingredients? 
Here they are and I checked a little further into a couple of them.
      *The one ingredient that caused me to raise an eyebrow was the Hamamelis virginiana, better known as Witch Hazel.  In my toner that I mix for my face, one of the ingredients I use is witch hazel.  The reason I use it as a toner ingredient is because it helps treat acne breakouts and reduces inflammation (acne, undereye swelling, etc.).  It can also be used to treat diaper rash (remember I have a little one), heal sunburn and treat dry skin.  When I checked into it after noticing it listed on the ingredients list, I found that it is a common ingredient in hair products because it helps with frizz and provides hold. BOOM! Perfect for this time of year.  

Price: $5 for 2 oz (Shipping is free for orders of $35 or more)

Other Ways I Used The Product
When I used it to provide sleekness to my bun, it looked nice and shiny initially but my sleekness did not remain throughout the day.  It doesn’t look bad at all, just not as sleek.  In the product’s defense, it does say for best results, use with the Get Slick Hair Smoothie.  Perhaps I will give that a try next. J I also don't believe it is intended to be used in the manner I used it.  
·         Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice
·         Polyquaternium 7
·         dl-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5)
·         Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel)
·         Phenoxyethanol
·         Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol denatured
·         Carbomer – (water and alcohol soluble polymer. It is a mildly acidic and forms a loose    network when partially neutralized to pH 5-8.  Used to make clear hair gels.)
·         TEA
·         Tetrasodium EDTA
·         Citric Acid - A natural, edible organic acid used to adjust pH, and a small amount of   preservative
Scarlet says it best:  “the Natural Hair revolution! Finally, products that work together to give your naturally curly hair the moisture and definition that it craves. Wonder Curl combines the traditions of nature with the wisdom of science to formulate products that work in harmony to nourish curls of all texture”.
Here is my bun at the end of the day after using the Get Set Hair Jelly. 

Would I recommend?  YES
Would I purchase?  YES
How can you get yours?  Click here!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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