July 11, 2011

Retiring the Wash and Go


Ok so I made mention of possibly changing my staple summer hairdo and it’s official, wash and gos are a no go for me.  Why, you ask?
Ø  Length
I have had a significant amount of growth since last summer and the wash n go creates way too many tangles for my hair.  The infamous fairy knots are already in abundance in my coils but more so with wash and gos.  I end up losing so much hair and my detangling sessions are quadrupled. 

Wash and Go 2009

What will I do instead?  No freakin clue!  A wash and go for me is just that…I wash it and I go!  No sectioning or adding a lot of product, no scrunching and plopping or diffusing.  I throw some conditioner in and keep it moving.  I’ve shared before that twist outs aren’t really for me either.  Click here to see one of my twist outs.  I did like it at the time but looking back, I am not crazy about the way it hangs. 
They end up looking and behaving just like a wash and go for me so really there’s no point.  I spend too much time twisting only to achieve the exact result.  My fave style of all time is the braid out with the bun running a close second.  However, the braid out smothers my neck and shoulders with hair, which is ok during the cooler months but I just can’t deal with that when it’s 98 degrees out.  A bun is cool; it solves most of my issues. 
·         Protects the ends
·         Tucks hair away for safekeeping – no blowing in the wind!
·         My face, neck and ears are free from hair – much cooler!

Only thing is I don’t want to pull my hair back the entire summer.  I am looking for a long term solution.  I have been wanting some afro twists for awhile but I’m a little hesitant.  Will it look right on me?  Who will do it?  If I do it, when the heck will I have time to do it?  Can I leave them in for at least 4 weeks?  I tend to get bored after a few days.  So the only thing I know for sure right now is – no more wash and gos.  Bottom line - it is more trouble than it’s worth so I am hereby retiring this look.  Thank you so much of the years of care free styling but it’s time to say bye boo.
What style have you retired?


Anonymous said...

I used to wear my wash n go the same way you describe - just raking in some condish and going about my business, and I also got crazy mats and tangles. Sectioning and thoroughly applying product saved my hair.

Curly Chic said...

Hey Elle! You know it's funny you say that because I thought of your success with wash and gos and watched one of your videos where you section and apply product. Perhaps that is my mistake!

Miss Nista said...

I've been debating on trying the wash and go look for awhile. I'll try the sectioning/applying the product and let you know!

Curly Chic said...

@ Miss Nista -Definately give it a try!My issues may be user error :). Send me some pics!