July 12, 2011

Diffusing, What's that?


A diffuser is an attachment designed to disperse the air flow of a blow dryer and spread it over a larger area.  Diffusers are primarily used with curly hair because the air disperses without disturbing the wave pattern or cause frizz when drying.  It is recommended that a diffuser be used on low setting. 
Reasons to use:
·         Stretch the hair
·         Dries hair with minimal heat exposure
·         Creates volume
·         Keeps curls intact

I have not used a diffuser in years – partly because I’m lazy and partly because I wasn’t really sure why I used it to begin with.  LOL!  I still have it so perhaps I will revisit at some point.  Does anyone else diffuse?  If so, is there a noticeable difference?  Would love to see some before and after pics!  Please send!

There are a million + 1 You Tube videos on the topic!  If you would like to see how one of my fave You Tubers, Taren916, uses a diffuser, click here:  http://youtu.be/RcbURgM6ukw.  It’s one of her older videos; however, the information is not!  She gives a very detailed “how to” demonstration.


Lola's Green Hair said...

A diffuser has been on my radar for a minute now. Normally I air dry, but that takes forever to dry. I may have to invest in one for the winter when it's too cold to wash n go.

Curly Chic said...

@Lola - Yes, that's my thing.It takes forever and a day!Some poeple swear by it the diffuser. I may have to blow the dust off mine and whip it out.