July 13, 2011

Styles that still ROCK! The Afro

The Afro

The 1960s are credited with giving birth to the afro. At that time it was described as “the African style where the hair grows in a shape of a ball”, or “the natural”. It was largely associated with the revolutionary Black Power movement in the late 60s and well into the 1970s.  It sparked the black is beautiful concept and the need to express oneself as being black and proud via hair and fashion.

Pam Grier depicted the epitome of sexy with her portrayals of strong yet sensuous black women rocking fros.   

If you walked into the living room of any black family during this time, you were sure to see images of black people on television wearing afros.  Good Times, The Jeffersons and Soul Train were all black household staples.  Wilona was THE flyest of the fly!

The afro maintained its popularity well into the 1980s and it was reintroduced to the world in the millennium years as we once again begin to embrace our naturalhood. Artists such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott showed us that this look is classic yet timeless, powerful yet delicate.    

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