July 20, 2011

Last Night I Danced With The Devil - Part 3

A few things I've noticed since I straightened my hair.  For a refresher, click here and here.
So I noticed when I walked around with my straight hair, I didn’t get the friendly smile I typically receive when I see other fellow naturals.  Usually my lunch hour is spent running errands because that’s really the only time I have to do so.  Evenings and weekends are family time and I chose not to use it standing in long lines, taking a stroller in and out of the car and buckling and unbuckling car seats.  Lunch hour is less crowded and less distracting.  I bumped into several lovely women with natural tresses and like usual, I always give a friendly smile and a happy hello.  Kinda’ like the universal head nod we brown people do that says we have a bond and we’re happy about it.  I am a friendly person anyway so I am always polite to all but a little extra to my fellow naturals.  Only because they are so few and far between where I live.  Anyway, since I’ve been wearing my straight hair, my smile is met with a not so friendly response.  I almost feel as if I’m wearing a mask and those who normally recognize me can no longer see me.  I want to shout “hey, I’m natural too!  No…really I am!”  I miss the feeling of comradery that exist amongst naturalistas; I miss not being like everyone else and the great feeling I get when met with another woman on the same path as me. 

Has this ever happened to anyone?   Do you feel not yourself when your curls are not on display?

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