July 18, 2011

Last Night I Danced With The Devil - Part 1

Ok that’s a bit dramatic but it’s probably what my hair would say if she could talk.  I have been experiencing lots and lots of shedding and lots and lots of tangles and fairy knots of late.  Much of the shedding has to do with the fact that I do and always have bleached my hair.  As for the fairy knots and tangles, I desperately needed a trim.  I have been snipping a bit here and there but I needed a full out trim so I shampooed and blow dried my hair and then my daughter flat ironed it!  Now I am not a fan of trimming because I think some people trim unnecessarily.  However, in cases where extreme porosity is involved, i.e. hair that has been colored, I see it as a necessary evil.  I have not had a flat iron in my hair since October 2010 and before that I can’t remember the last time.  It’s not something I typically do because it does my hair a major disservice but I wanted to do a severe trim and felt more comfortable doing it on straight hair.  Anyway, what’s done is done.  Trust me when I tell you there will be no more of that any time soon, if ever.  My hair does feel better though so I needed to lose those few inches.  I have not had time to download the pics yet but I will post this coming week in part 2 of this post.  BTW – this is a 3 parter! 

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